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Yonne is a land of treasures. For all lovers of authenticity, Yonne 24 is an invitation to discover an exceptional architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage. Each vineyard has its own characteristic grape variety that delight the taste buds.

Each village has a place, a square, a monument that tells a story to the attentive visitor. Each inhabitant is a smuggler of traditions for the new generations.

Our territory is also a subtile blend of heritage and modernity. From the Chablis hills, at the foot of the vineyards of Joigny, to Sainte-Madeleine Basilica in Vézelay, from the historic hearts of Auxerre and Sens to the ramparts of Avallon and the Dionne pit in Tonnerre, Yonne generously welcomes gastronomes and curious, talented and passionate people. On your marks, get set… come!

The history of Yonne can’t be separated from its vineyards. Since the planting of the very first vines – more than 2,000 years ago –, viticulture has gradually developed and it is now an integral part of Icaunais heritage.

Today, the 547 Yonne winemakers produce an average of 232,000 hectolitres of wine every year which reputation is well established.

Lovers of good wines and lovers of wine landscapes will appreciate the vineyards of Chablis, Auxerre, Joigny, Sens, Tonnerre and Vézelay and the villages that preserve a typical winemaking architecture. A visual and taste journey that will stir all your senses.

From the Palaeolithic to the Renaissance, through the Gallo-Roman period and the Middle Ages, our ancestors left us an exceptional heritage. Picturesque villages, castles, abbeys, churches, Yonne has many monuments, architectural jewels that will delight all History lovers.

In Yonne, you can enjoy the cave paintings of the Palaeolithic in the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure, walk in the footsteps of Julius Caesar on the archaeological site of Escolives Sainte-Camille or enjoy Marie-Madeleine basilica, a true masterpiece of Roman art.

You prefer contemporary art? Picasso, Mirò, Kandinsky, Calder… are waiting for you at the Zervos Museum in Vézelay. Our charming Burgundy villages are a real journey back in time that are full of surprises to discover without waiting. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Originally divided into counties, baronies, bailiffs, dioceses and archdioceses, the Department of Yonne was considered as «one of the most beautiful of the kingdom» when it was created in 1790.

As the gateway to Burgundy, our territory owes its fame to the presence of Yonne river and its tributaries, but also to a pleasant climate and land suitable for crops – especially vines – and for breeding.

Since antiquity, several urban centers have emerged in the territory and, over the time, the department has become a cultural, intellectual and commercial hub that constitutes a whole art of living whose inhabitants are heirs.