The Olympic
Torch Relay
in Yonne

Come and discover this historic event
on July 11, 2024!


Olympic Torch Relay

In order to promote the Games across the host country of the Games and following the Olympic and Paralympic tradition, Paris 2024 organizes an Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay, which will travel across France to Paris.

In the Olympic tradition, the Olympic flame – symbol of peace and unity among peoples –, is lit in Olympia before being carried by Greek torchbearers to Athens under the responsibility of the Greek Olympic Committee. In Athens, the OCOG takes over and brings the torch to the host country, which in 2024 will be France.

The Olympic flame is entrusted to Paris 2024 during an official ceremony organized by the Hellenic National Committee. Then, throughout its journey from Athens to Paris (the host city of the Games), the flame will travel through France under the responsibility of Paris 2024 Committee.

Selected for the event, the torchbearers will succeed each other in bringing the torch and its values throughout France until the evening of the opening ceremony which officially marks the beginning of the Games.

Paris 2024 torch relay is fully in line with the vision of the Department of Yonne.

In our department the relay follows 3 main goals :

  • To promote widely the arrival of the Games in France to the population by offering a popular and open-to-all relay
  • To highlight our territory, our know-how and our heritage in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To value all those who exercise daily.

Come with us and join this great feast on July 11, 2024 in Auxerre, Avallon, Chablis, Migennes, Saint-Fargeaux, Sens and Vézelay that host the Relay!




July 11, 2024

It is a great pride for the city of Auxerre, alongside Yonne Department, to be fully involved in hosting the Olympic Torch Relay on July 11, 2024. This event will be a highlight of the animation of a whole territory, aprelude to the Olympic Games in Paris where the eyes of the world will be focused on France. The values of Olympism will animate the first half of 2024 with a blaze of flame in the city, from the Stade de l’Abbé Deschamps to the Roscoff park which will see the cauldron lit with the last bearer, A unique and solemn moment.

Music, dance, sport performances, this July 11, 2024 will remain engraved in Auxerre’s inhabitants’ memories as the opportunity to have experienced the symbols of Olympism close up once in their lives.

Remember this date, July 11, 2024, the Olympic flame will stop in Auxerre!


July 11, 2024

A fortified town at the northern entrance of the Morvan Regional Natural Park, Avallon combines sport, nature and culture with the present. For example, the historic, medieval district offers an ideal setting for cultural activities, such as exhibition halls, museums and garden terraces.

Moreover, outdoor sports enthusiasts benefit from a natural playground for their activities: mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, climbing, trail running, orienteering, etc. Thanks to some fifty associations, all sports can be practiced in the city.

The Olympic Games are bound to speak to Avallons’ people who supported not so long ago judoka Frédéric Demontfaucon, bronze medallist in Sydney, but also weightlifters, under the leadership of Jean-Claude Colinot, who were for several years the champions offlags of Avallon sport. It is therefore with pride that Avallon and its inhabitants (sportsmen or not) will welcome the Olympic flame on the road to Paris 2024.


July 11, 2024

Some events mark your life and happen only once.

The passage of the Olympic flame is one of them.

As mayor, I am honored that CHABLIS has captured Paris 2024’s attention.

Once again, CHABLIS will show the world that behind this name, which makes the heart and eyes sparkle, is a pretty village full of resources to be discovered without moderation.

CHABLIS is a city with high tourist potential.

The hilly nature allows beautiful walks and is a real playground for athletes.

Animations are recurrent during the summer season.

The winey festivities, such as the Fête des Vins, Saint-Vincent, but also the marathon and the Cité des Climats make it an attractive city throughout the year.

Aside from wine tourism, the heritage and cultural component is omnipresent and is constantly developing.

Once again CHABLIS will be where it is expected and it will be able to promote its territory as well as its department.

CHABLIS 2024 will be a year full of good humour and challenges that will remain engraved in our memories.

Thanks again to the organizing committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games for selecting CHABLIS.


July 11, 2024

Migennes, the heart of the Yonne

Geographically positioned at the center of the Department, the city of Migennes is the heart of Yonne. Perfect balance between road, rail and river tourism.

An active and sporty city with a population of 15,223, Migennes offers a wide variety of sports for the whole family.

Whether it’s team sports, on foot, by bike, on the water (and even underwater!): Migennes is the perfect place to practice your favorite sport.

It is the starting point of the Burgundy Canal and its tourist heritage, at the confluence of two streams: Yonne and Armançon. Migennes has been able to preserve nature; parks, public gardens, woods and forests, ponds which invite to walk.

Ranked «three flowers» on the regional list of Flowering Towns and Villages, Migennes is a town harmoniously integrating the natural environment in its heart.

Animated by several small community events but also by larger events that punctuate the year, Migennes is often surprising by its energy.

Nestled in the heart of a tame nature where it feels good to live, it will welcome you between sweetness and escape.


July 11, 2024

«Nestled in the heart of the Puisaye region between rolling meadows, ponds and forests, close to the Bourdon Reservoir, the small town of Saint-Fargeau proudly displays a rich heritage of history: its castle, its belfry, its half-timbered facades, the Saint-Fargeau church Ferréol and Sainte-Anne Chapel, its wash houses, the Augustinian Convent which has become the Musée de l’Aventure du Son. Saint-Fargeau recounts its famous characters: Jacques Cœur, Antoine de Chabannes, the Grande Mademoiselle, Louis-Michel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau, Jean d’Ormesson… More than a thousand years of history, and the best is yet to come.”

On July 11, 2024, history continues in Saint-Fargeau! We are proud to host the Olympic Torch Relay.

Let’s meet again on July 11, 2024 to celebrate together the values of Olympism and that this day will be a great memorable celebration.


July 11, 2024

Sens is a pleasant city of 27,000 inhabitants located just one hour from Paris by train every hour. Yonne River flows through the city, adding to its charm and emphasizing the beauty of its historic buildings. Sens is full of treasures: an impressive cathedral that was the first in Gothic style, a palace containing the Museums of Sens, the Town Hall made of local white stone, a covered market of Baltard type and traditional houses with wooden beams. There are also ancient remains that testify the importance of Sens during antiquity.

For green tourism lovers, Sens is also a quality place for its walks on the quays and for its parks like the Moulin à Tan and its greenhouses. Sens regularly hosts festive and popular events such as the fair held every year in the city center which is quite rare and contributes to the lively atmosphere of the city.

Sens will have the honor of hosting the Olympic Torch Relay on July 11, 2024! It is with pride and enthusiasm that the territory and its inhabitants await this passage which will be an opportunity to show everyone the beauty, the attractiveness of Sens and to share the spirit of sportsmanship.


July 11, 2024

At the gates of the Morvan, bathed by the Cure, the hill of Vézelay, ancient Mont-Scorpion, «eternal hill», is in the ninth century the scene of the founding episodes of the epic of Burgundy. The basilica, which crowns the top of the hill, is the distant echo. From all over Christendom, pilgrims converge towards Vézelay from the beginning of the 11th century. Vézelay was designed as a lighthouse and the Benedictines, the builders of the abbey dedicated to Mary of Magdala whose relics they claim to preserve, welcome and direct crowds of pilgrims and crusaders to Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela. The basilica and the hill of Vézelay were among the first French properties inscribed on the World Heritage list, in 1979, then again in 1998 under the title of the Paths of Santiago de Compostela. Mecca of history, spirituality and art, “archetype” of pilgrimage cities, an important trade square surrounded by ramparts whose restoration is today a major challenge, Vézelay reveals to its visitors, today 1 million every year, the luminous testimony of the ancient abbey church, whose sculpted decoration of the twelfth century is a programme of an exceptional quality. The well-preserved character of the whole and the desire to protect it have led the community to apply for the label Grand Site de France, with the 17 municipalities surrounding Vézelay.

Since the 19th century and the emblematic restoration of Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, Vézelay is also the meeting place for artists and writers. Today a rich cultural life testifies to this artistic heritage in many fields.